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AesculaTech uses a new class of smart materials to develop biomedical and consumer products. Our proprietary platform is engineered to change properties in response to temperature and other stimuli. This innovative technology allows us to create adaptable, best in class products that upend the status quo.


Introducing Humidifeye: AesculaTech’s ‘one-size-fits-all’ punctal plug for the treatment for dry eye Disease (DED). This adaptable smart plug conforms to your unique anatomy for enhanced comfort and security.

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Smart Material

Administers as a liquid and rapidly solidifies at body temperature.


Custom-fit to every patient, reducing the chance of being dislodged.

Treats DES

Limits tear drainage, increasing ocular surface moisture content.


Single-use, easy to administer device. No sizing or forceps required.

Our Story

Founded by Chemical Engineers in 2016, AesculaTech has earned a bevy of awards for its ability to drive innovation.

The team at AesculaTech is highly experienced and committed to enhancing their new technology – bringing elegant solutions to challenging problems.

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News & Media Publications

Featured on TechCrunch

The team at AesculaTech has designed exciting new materials with unique behavior. Using our “reverse chocolate” we offer revolutionary new medical technologies with a focus in ophthalmology.

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As Y-Combinator participants, the AesculaTech team learned how to take a concept and change the world. At the world’s best-known accelerator, we honed our business case with the help of visionaries.

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At TMCx, AesculaTech partnered with medical experts to identify a broad range of use cases for our proprietary material platform. Dry Eye is just the beginning.

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