About Us

Your products just got
a lot more personal.


AesculaTech believes in building better lives through custom chemistry. We envision a product ecosystem that responds to our bodies and environment for solutions as unique as you are.

Smart Material Platform

We live on the cutting edge of material science, achieving compoundable capabilities, such as mega-fold strength increase, radiopacity, and active ingredient release. Our platform technology has already enabled a broad pipeline of novel products. From adaptable medical sealants to personalized skincare, our proprietary material has displayed immense potential and versatility.

AesculaTech actively partners with industry leaders. If you have a project that aligns with our vision for life-changing products, then let us leverage our unique platform technology to help you make a difference.

Our Story

Founded by University of Southern California researchers in 2016, AesculaTech has always pursued chemical innovation. Each project we take on illustrates the elegant solutions available through that platform. As we developed HumidifEye – our investigational treatment for dry eye disease –  we also unlocked a tremendous range of responsive material behaviors. And so, our vision grew from helping patients to helping the world.


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