Meet Humidifeye!

Dry Eye Impacts Millions

  • 23 million Americans live with diagnosed Dry Eye Disease (DED)

  • 52% receive Rx drops, punctal plugs, and other non-OTC therapies

Treatments Fall Short

  • Rx drops are expensive, have delayed onset, and can sting

  • Conventional plugs can be uncomfortable, unreliable, and frequently fall out

Humidifeye is the world’s easiest dry eye treatment!

A temperature-sensitive gel is delivered to the tear duct using a sterile, disposable autoinjector. With one button press, a plug is delivered which can provide immediate and sustained symptom relief.

✓ Patented         ✓ Tested         ✓ Ready for Partners

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Plug is administered to the tear duct
as a liquid, adapts to patient anatomy,
and then turns to a soft solid.

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The device is one size-fits-all and easy to
administer, resulting in improved patient
comfort and fewer repeat procedures.

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Easy insertion

Complete comfort

Reliable reimbursement

Reduced need for drops

Rapid and sustained improvement


3-minute treatment

One-size fits all reduces inventory

High reimbursement – CPT68761

Guaranteed patient compliance

Removable for disease management

Instructional Animation

Supported by Optometrists and Ophthalmologists

Product validated in evaluations with 20+ KOLs and in a blinded survey of 178 front-line optometrists and ophthalmologists.

“This would be first in class based on the technology. It’s a stagnant category.” – KOL

Clinical Success

Signs, symptoms, and patient quality of life improvement confirmed in a 44-eye study. Below, average scores for Ocular Surface Disease Index decrease. Humidifeye quickly improved ocular, vision, and environment-related symptoms  of Dry Eye.*

Significant Opportunity

Extensive research conducted by Market Scope confirms Humidifeye can make a market.

  • Patients improve quickly, can’t feel the plug, and have reliable reimbursement

  • Clinics save chair time, reduce inventory requirements, and can manage DED with ensured patient compliance

These benefits garner interest from M.D.s and O.D.s far beyond current plug use. Conservative modeling supports $100+ million year 3 revenue.

* Complete data on file at AesculaTech. Contact company representatives for more information.


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