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Flagship Product: Humidifeye

Dry Eye Disease is the cause for 25% of visits to Ophthalmology clinics. Current treatments are full of drawbacks and discomfort.

Enter Humidifeye: a best in class medical device, based on our smart material platform

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Plug is administered to the tear duct
as a liquid, adapts to patient anatomy,
and then turns to a soft solid.

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The device is one size-fits-all and easy to
administer, resulting in improved patient
comfort and fewer repeat procedures.

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AesculaTech is currently undergoing serious development of several products, including our cornerstone medical project: Humidifeye. Humidifeye is the first personalized hydrogel punctal plug to treat dry eye disease.

A Growing Pipeline

Our innovative material platform opens many doors, allowing us to impart an elegant new spin on old solutions and challenge problems which were previously thought too daunting.

Biomedical Technology

Our biocompatible smart materials adapt to any anatomy as a liquid and then hold strong. Even when compounded with active drug ingredients.

Cosmetics and Skincare

How do you feel about a custom facial care experience that adapts and adheres to your skin, imparting the nourishing benefits of various vitamins and minerals?


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